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A Leading Surgical Oncologist in our Coimbatore

Dr Shiva Kumar Kuppuswamy started his Consultancy at the World renowned St John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore and worked dedicatedly and climbed the ladder to become Professor and Head of Department of Surgical Oncology. During his tenure at St John’s medical College Hospital he was instrumental in building up the Department. He was successful in establishing a high level of training and was successful in starting Super-specialty courses in Surgical Oncology (both DNB and MCh courses). He was the principle investigator in multiple researches. He had great interest in the wellbeing of the community and had organized several awareness talks and community screening programs. He had special interest in working for the poor and the rural people. He is also a respected Examiner for various universities for DNB and MCh Surgical Oncology examinations.

He moved onto Vellammal Specialty Hospital, Madurai where he established the Department of Surgical Oncology and raised it from a grass root level to become one of the finest Surgical oncology centres in Madurai.

In 2019 Dr Shiva Kumar Kuppuswamy was invited to join the prestigious PSG Super-specialty Hospital in Coimbatore. He joined the elite team which was given the great responsibility of establishing a Comprehensive Cancer Services at PSG SSH. The team has worked very hard and is the verge of starting a World Class State-of-the-art Oncology Centre with latest cutting edge technology and infrastructure.

At present he is working in Coimbatore with more than 20yrs of experience in serving patients. He has treated more than 15,000 cancer patients and has performed more than 5.000 advanced cancer surgeries. The most common cancer surgeries performed include Mastectomies, Breast Conservation Surgeries, Stomach Cancer Surgeries, Colon Cancer Surgeries, Pancreas Cancer Surgeries, Ovaries Cancer Surgeries, Uterus Cancer Surgeries, Bone and Soft Tissue Cancers Surgeries, HIPEC Surgeries, Head and Neck cancers and Oral Cancer Surgeries, Thyroid Cancer Surgeries, and Lung Cancer Surgeries. His skills have been widely appreciated by his colleagues and he is considered to be a complete team man. He has a keen interest in Oncoplasty (an advanced form of Breast Conservation Surgery), Whipples Surgery, HIPEC and Head & Neck Cancer Surgeries.

He has made several presentations in national and international meetings on cancer and has many publications in the subject of cancer and cancer surgeries.

Motivation is easy

Doctor's Core Values


He is specialized in Organ Conservation Surgery and Function Preservation Surgery.


He gives individual attention and atmost Care towards his Patient .


He makes sure Mutual trust is built between the doctor and the patient to start the treatment .

Why Choose Dr.Shiva Kumar Kuppuswamy

Doctor's Strength

Competent Surgical Oncologist with a keen eagerness to learn with a Strong belief in Multidisciplinary management of cancer patients.

  • Skilled Organ Conservation Surgeon
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Very committed Patient Care
  • A complete team player
  • Accessible Doctor

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